Loïc Dequidt Ensemble

Loïc Dequidt Ensemble is the fusion of a Jazz quartet and a Classical woodwind quintet – with all its timbre, polyphonic and polyrhythmic possibilities. It is also the fusion of my influences – from Ravel and Messiaen to Coltrane, Monk, Hancock and Jarrett, through Indian, Yemeni and Gipsy music – into a personal and organic style.

Loïc Dequidt Ensemble has toured Sweden and went into the studio in October 2017. The album – which includes exclusively music composed by Loïc Dequidt – will be released this spring by Kopasetic Productions.

Check out the videos on the media page !

Loïc Dequidt Ensemble is:

Katlijn Sergeant (B) – flute
Christoph Neuerburg (D) – oboe
Johnny Teyssier (USA/F) – clarinet
Jake Mączyński (CA/PL) – French horn
Katelin Coleman (CA) – bassoon
Staffan Svensson (S) – trumpet
Mattias Hjorth (S) – acoustic bass
Peter Nilsson (S) – drums
Loïc Dequidt (F/S) – piano and composition