Loïc Dequidt Trio and Quartet

Loïc Dequidt Trio was born out of the meeting of a French and two Swedes.

After studying jazz, classical harmony and Indian percussions in France and Italy, Loïc Dequidt moved to Sweden. There he met Mattias Hjorth and Peter Nilsson, two of the most in-demand accompanists in Scandinavia.

A few years later, the trio had trumpeter Staffan Svensson as a guest. The meeting felt so natural and the music so organic that the trio became a quartet.

Their music breathes 20th century harmony, free, modal and tonal improvisation, lyrism, abstractism, swing, borrowed and invented rhythms, density and airyness. But the group is most of all committed to musical development in its most natural form, through listening and interplay.

Staffan Svensson – trumpet
Loïc Dequidt – piano
Mattias Hjorth – acoustic bass
Peter Nilsson – drums